O1b Vocational Teacher Course


To teach apprentices the professional and social skills of the company.


For the national recognised vocational teacher degree:
Basic education with EFZ [Swiss Certificate of Competence], two years of experience in the subject area


Applying leadership and training techniques when dealing with apprentices in practice

You’re in the position to:

  • implement training in relation to the companys resources
  • evaluate the apprentices’ achieved skills
  • determine goals individually based on this
  • Impart professional knowledge and skills


  • Basics of vocational education and training
  • Legal basis of the apprenticeship relationship
  • Development of young people
  • Leadership of young people
  • Health promotion / addiction prevention
  • Apprenticeship planning
  • Teaching and learning in the company
  • Qualification of apprentices
  • Education Ordinance, Geomatics Education Plan EFZ [Swiss Certificate of Competence] and Geomatics Education Plan EFZ

Teaching time

45 (5 Days)

Course costs

CHF 750.-