O3b State and Economy

Learning Time

E-learning course, 40 additional hours of home study must be expected during lesson time.


Understand the functioning of the Swiss state and its economy. The e-learning course consists of home study between two classroom sessions at the beginning and end of the course.




  • Describe the main governmental circumstances in Switzerland
  • Explain simple economic relationships


State Science/Politics
  • Deepening and expanding the foundations of constitutional law
  • Deepen and expand basic concepts (gross domestic product, national income, free market economy, inflation, deflation…)
  • Name basic concepts of business cycle theory and policy
  • Describing current political and economic events in Switzerland/the world
Educational Document

Book “Sachbuch Staat und Wirtschaft hep-Verlag (im Kursgeld enthalten)”

Lesson Time

16 (2 Days)

Course cost

CHF 350.-