O3e Project Management


Changing economic conditions increasingly demand knowledge of project management fundamentals, the course of projects up to project completion. Project management begins with procedures and techniques that promote successful project implementation.




Describe methods, instruments and modalities of project management and implement them appropriately.

You can
  • Distinguish projects from orders
  • Analyze project types
  • Structuring and planning projects
  • Appropriately implement problem-solving and decision-making methodology
  • Determine tasks in the project organization
  • Analyze stakeholder groups
  • assess risks
  • Implementing information and communication
  • Transfer to your own practice


  • Design principles to favour project work
  • Project initialization
  • Project planning and organization
  • Resources (people, finances, time)
  • Project functions (management, controlling, marketing, etc.)
  • Instruments for finding ideas and evaluating approaches to solutions
  • Principles for working with presentation aids
  • Leadership and conflict management in projects
  • transfer planning

Lesson Time

24 (4 Days)

Course Cost

CHF 600.-