F1a PLR-Cadastre


Users of cadastral data are increasingly demanding spatial data that cover all spatial legal relationships and building structures. The restrictions on ownership under private law are laid down in the land register, including the official cadastral survey. A new cadastre is to be created for the restrictions on ownership under public law (spatial planning, environment, etc.).


Knowledge of Cadastral Surveying data, basic GIS knowledge and Interlis is recommended.


  • Describe ownership restrictions
  • Objectives of the space cadastre, explain the cadastre of public property restrictions
  • Understand the concept of PLR cadastre


  • Restrictions on ownership (public law / private law)
  • customer needs
  • Vision PLR Cadastre
  • land cadastre, land cadastre of public property restrictions
  • Requirements in the Geoinformation Act, ongoing studies
  • Necessary work at federal and cantonal level
  • Technical concept of the PLR-Cadastre project
  • What’s new in PLR Cadastre?
  • Difference between PLR Cadastre and Conventional Data Models
  • Models, Interfaces, Components
  • Architecture
  • Adapt model laws
  • Tips and tricks for capturing
  • Examples
  • Outlook

Lesson Time

16 (2 Days)

Course Cost

CHF 500.-