F2a Web-GIS


Only through the use of modern web technologies can larger user groups benefit directly from their GIS and geodata.


Basic GIS knowledge


  • Differentiating between technologies and products
  • Explain important map services and data formats from the area of Web GIS
  • Know API and frameworks and use them in your applications
  • Describe application areas and limits of WebGIS


  • System Landscape: Overview of Components
  • Application possibilities and limits of WebGIS
  • Comparison of “Consumer WebGIS” – “Professional WebGIS
  • Vector and raster formats
  • Services: WMS, WFS, WFS-T, WCS, WMTS
  • Standards: OGC
  • Products:
    – Commercial (Intergraph, ESRI, Tydac)
    – Open Source (UMN, CartoWeb, MapFish)
  • Examples of cities, municipalities, cantons, the federal government and private individuals
  • Performance: Tile Caching
  • Trends, future development
  • GIS as SAAS in the Cloud

Lesson Time

24 (3 Days)

Course Cost

CHF 900.-