F5b 3D-Data Managment


Technical requirements for the administration, analysis and transfer of 3D data to third parties.


Professional experience in geoinformatics and planning (construction surveying, engineering, spatial planning, …)


After successfully passing the Course, Participants can:
  • Explain the possibilities of 3D data modeling
  • Describe database solutions (data management)
  • differentiate between 3D interfaces and 3D data formats (3D data delivery)
  • List analysis methods and applications


  • Overview of administration options
  • 3D data modelling options (vector-based, decomposing and analytical representations)
  • Database solutions (commercial and open source variants)
  • Data management of 3D data (LOD, spatial indexing)
  • 3D interfaces and 3D data formats (3D AV, CityGML, KML etc.)
  • 3D data usage (3D GIS analyses, geoservices)
  • Tracking solutions for 3D geodata

Lesson Time

16 (2 Days)

Course Cost

CHF 700.-