F5c 3D Analysis and Publications


Principles for the visualization of 3D geodata in digital but also havetic methods.


Professional experience in geoinformatics and planning (construction surveying, engineering, spatial planning, …)


After successfully passing the Course, Participants can:
  • Create, hold and provide 3D geodata
  • Process 3D geodata with various tools
  • Preparing 3D geodata for web visualization
  • Preparing 3D geospatial data for 3D printing


  • Applications of 3D geodata in practice
  • Possible sources and availability of 3D data in Switzerland
  • LoD concept of 3D building models
  • Modeling and texturing 3D buildings using Sketchup Pro 2017 as an example
  • Basics CityGML format and keeping 3D data (PostGIS, 3DCityDB)
  • Basics of streaming 3D data (GLTF, 3D tiles)
  • Export and provision of 3D data (3D-PDF, SHP, OBJ…)
  • Visualization and editing of 3D geodata on the desktop and in the browser (Arc-GIS, AutoCAD,
  • Cesium, OpenWebGlobe, PlexMap)
  • Preparation of 3D city model data for 3D printing (STL export)

Lesson Time

16 (2 Days)

Course Cost

CHF 500.-