F6a Digital Photogrammetry


Digital photogrammetry is an important, efficient acquisition technique in a modern company in the field of geomatics and geoinformatics. In addition, typical products from digital photogrammetry such as orthophotos, digital elevation models or 3D city models play an increasingly important role in current geoinformation applications.


Basic GIS knowledge


  • Understanding the basic principle of digital photogrammetry
  • Using the technique of digital photogrammetry to some extent
  • Name the fields of application of digital photogrammetry
  • Implementing photogrammetric projects in cooperation with a photogrammetry specialist


  • Photogrammetric Basics
  • Digital photogrammetric workstations
  • Applications of digital photogrammetry
  • Image orientation
  • Stereo evaluation / GIS data acquisition
  • DGM generation
  • Digital Image Processing
  • Orthophoto
  • Quality assurance in digital photogrammetry
  • Trends in digital photogrammetry (3D city models, …)
A wide range of Content is deepened with practical exercises.

Lesson Time

24 (3 Days)

Course Cost

CHF 800.-