F10a Static and Building Industry


Structural analysis is an advantage for people working in the secondary building trade. The contents extend the understanding of structure and mode of action of buildings.


Activity in secondary building trade (construction surveying, geoinformatics, spatial planning, …)


  • Understanding the most important basics of structural analysis
  • Calculations and correlations of the basic structural analysis – Derive and apply topics


  • Introduction (concept and task of structural analysis, structures and static systems, loads, supports of structures)
  • Forces (concept, torque, assembly and disassembly)
  • Balance (concept, graphical and computational equilibrium conditions)
  • The simple beam (determination of bearing forces, applications)
  • Internal forces (concept, sign control, representation of internal forces in applied tasks)
  • Strength theory (term stress, stress analysis, simple dimensioning)

Lesson Time

32 (4 Days)

Course Cost

CHF 800.-