3D Data Acquisition Course


Evaluate the importance of 3D data that aims to increase productivity in planning activities. The maximum Capacity of this Course is 20.




At the end of this education module, you will be able to:

  • List several 3D data acquisition techniques for different requirements
  • Describe the benefits and value of 3D data
  • Produce a point cloud and a 3D model from an object by using different measuring and modelling techniques
  • Compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of different 3D Data acquisition techniques (e.g. Laserscanning vs. Photogrammetry)
  • Identify the quality of a 3D point cloud and a 3D model
  • Review a measuring concept based on the characteristics of the object


Importance and value of 3D data, BIM in geomatics, 3D laserscanning, aerial and close-range photogrammetry, 3D data acquisition techniques, UAV-photogrammetry, point clouds, 3D data visualisation, data registration, hands-on training with latest HW and SW, discussions about applications and us cases, exchange of experiences, input presentations by various speakers


  • 23rd till 26th of July 2019 (4 days)

Course program

Contact Person

Prof. Dr. David Grimm, david.grimm@fhnw.chhttps://www.fhnw.ch/de/personen/david-grimm

Course Cost

2100 SGD

Number of Attendees

  • max. 20

Meeting Point

Meeting Point on 23rd at 9:00, Future Cities Laboratory, Singapore-ETH Centre, 1 Create Way, CREATE Tower, #06-01, Singapore 138602