Drone Mapping


At the end of this education module, you will be able to:
 understand the theory of photogrammetry and the whole work-flow of drone mapping
 understand the regulations of flying a drone in Singapore
 make a flight plan
 get knowledge about data acquisition
 identify differences between processing drone imageries and other images (if any)
 identify differences between the drone derived photogrammetric point cloud and point
clouds from other techniques


techniques from photogrammetry for drone mapping, generation of a photogrammetric point cloud and modelling, rules and regulations in Singapore


  • 23rd and 24th of July 2019 (2 days)

Course program

Contact Person

Jiaqiang Li, jiaqiang.li@arch.ethz.chhttp://www.fcl.ethz.ch/people/Researchers/LiJiaqiang.html

Course Cost

1100 SGD

Number of Attendees

  • max. 15

Meeting Point

Meeting Point on 23rd at 9:00, Digital Advancement Academies, Bentley Institute, 1 Harbourfront Pl, #18-1, 098633