O2a Present


Whether it ist in the business environment, in front of a committee, in a club or at another occasion; effective presentation and the use of adequate presentation media is a guarantee for the correct perception.




  • Present effectively and apply different presentation techniques according to the situation
  • Use Power Point or other presentation design tools
  • Acquiring and applying a basic understanding of rhetoric
  • Competently conduct and implement negotiations and meetings


  • To expand and improve one’s own communication skills and argumentation techniques (to be able to convince)
  • Practice the personal appearance
  • Rhetoric and lecture techniques
  • Argumentation and questioning techniques
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Presentation aids
  • Visualization and design techniques
  • Present presentations effectively
  • Prepare, conduct and analyse meetings
  • Visualize personal presentations with PowerPoint or Prexi
  • Terms and techniques
Course Materials

Handbook Competences, Hep verlag (included in course cost)

Lesson time in hours

24 (3 Days)

Course Cost

CHF 600.-