F3b GIS-Project


Geoinformation are becoming more and more important and are no longer imaginable without them in various companies. Working with geoinformation systems has given you impressions and specifications. On the basis of more complex GIS projects this basic knowledge is deepened and extended.


Proven professional knowledge in the field of geoinformation and databases. (Cadastre of lines, official cadastral survey, spatial planning, etc.)


  • Implementing the structure and functionality of geoinformation systems
  • Data – Apply Modeling Techniques
  • Explain methods for capturing, managing, analyzing and exchanging data
  • Apply visualization of geodata
  • Explain the basics of data description languages


  • Structure and functionality of geoinformation systems
  • Hardware – Basics for a GIS
  • Complex data – modelling of geodata
  • QGIS as an example of methods for recording, managing, analysing and exchanging data
  • Visualization of geodata
  • Data description languages
  • Geometric memory structures
  • Data models
  • Transfer of existing data
  • Updating and expansion
  • Geodata on the Internet

Lesson Time

16 (2 Days)

Course Cost

CHF 1’800.-