F5a 3D-Data Entry


Ideal 3D capturing of large and small areas requires basic knowledge of the various methods.


Professional experience in geoinformatics and planning (construction surveying, engineering, spatial planning, …)


After succesful passing the Course, Participants can:
  • Describe 3D geodata
  • Derive existing 3D geodata sets
  • Distinguish between 3D acquisition methods
  • Interpret the advantages and disadvantages of 3D acquisition methods


  • Basics – 3D – “not only one Z-coordinate”
  • Possible uses of 3D geodata
  • Overview of existing 3D geodata sets in Switzerland
  • Terrestrial 3D geodata acquisition (GNSS, tachymeter, laser scanner and photogrammetry) forsmall-scale perimeters
  • Airborne 3D geodata acquisition (airborne laser scanning, aerial photo and drone photogrammetry and remote sensing) for large-scale perimeters
  • Mobile 3D geodata acquisition (stereo image-based, laser-based and radar-based)
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the individual methods
  • Trends and outlook

Lesson Time

24 (5 Days)

Course Cost

CHF 800.-