F8a Land Register Law


Switzerland’s ownership of real estate is recorded in the land register. The legal connections between the land register and the official cadastral survey are the basis for the professional and correct handling of mutations.




  • Describe the articles from the land register law, building law and spatial planning law which are important for practice
  • Professional implementation of customer consulting
  • Distinguishing between individual contractual relationships from the Code of Obligations
  • Describe the main features of commercial and company law
  • Apply principles in personal and material law
  • Explain the main features of building law


Identify and describe relevant points from the following regulations:
  • Land register
  • Total, joint and condominium ownership
  • Restrictions on land ownership
  • Limited rights in rem
  • Peasant land law
  • Analyse speficic case studies
  • Principles in building law and zone law
Describe the processes involved in the following transactions:
  • Change of ownership
  • Border changes
  • Delete and change rights
General Law:
  • Legal system in Switzerland
  • Principles of contract law
  • Fundamentals of commercial and corporate law
  • Personal and material law

Lesson Time

36 (4,5 Days)

Course Cost

CHF 900.-